Life changes…

I’ve always loved poetry but never really had an outlet for it. Then I started blogging and quickly discovered the wonderful Rhyming With Wine and something inside me said (very meekly), “I could do that…” Lack of confidence held me back, until I found myself commenting on one of her brilliantly funny poems, and guess what? She replied saying she loved my poem. High five! Cut a long story short and I found myself agreeing to feature in her Cheers! series and here is the poem I submitted:

Life Changes

Oh, how life changes
In just 15 years
In with Prosecco
Out with the beers

In with homecooking
Out with kebabs
Whilst swaying home drunk
(No money for cabs)

In with the Mom Shoes
Out with the heels
Sod what they look like;
I just care how it feels

Out with posh lunches
In with soft play
I got told off for going
Sock-free there today!

Rebellion used to mean
Sex, drugs and booze
Now it means sneaking in
A quick little snooze

I used to dance on tables
And party through the night
Now by 10pm (at most)
You’ll find me tucked up tight!

It used to feel like torture
To get up at half past seven
Lie-ins now mean anything
Past six is simply heaven

The most important thing back then
Quite simply put, was ME
Now what I need, or want or like
Is simply not priority

Motherhood means sacrifice;
My daughters’ needs come first
Sometimes my love for them
Makes me feel my heart could burst

But sometimes all the clambering and
Crying gets too much
I want to run away somewhere
And simply not be touched!

An hour or two is all I ask!
Just once a week or less!
A time where I’m not clearing up
Everyone else’s mess!

Out with my youth
In with cuddles and Bing!
My life may be less free now
But I wouldn’t change a thing

Rhyming with Wine

Thank you SO much Dawn for bringing me out of my poetry shell!


One thought on “Life changes…

  1. That actually brought a little lump to my throat! I love your poem and I’m so pleased to have had a teeny hand in bringing you out of your poetry shell. I’m really pleased to share it for you. Thank you for succumbing to my constant pestering and agreeing to feature in the #Cheers series. Dawn x


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