Hope for the best; prepare for the worst [poonamis etc]

You know you’re a Mama when you go to put a shoe on and find a plastic toy buried inside it. Or you go to put the toy tool bench away and find snot smeared all over it. Or you get to work and find a plastic apple stuffed in your laptop bag!

The funny things I find around the house etc are happy accidents; stuffed in other nooks and crannies are my just-in-case items (and I know I’ve missed out about a trillion much better ideas that other mamas utilise – ideas are welcome!). These include:

Tissues. Endless, ENDLESS packs of tissues. How is it that kids are permanently snotty?

Those little boxes of raisins. My girls are now at the age where I can just give them a pack (each of course; God forbid I should attempt to encourage them to SHARE anything. I choose my battles…).

Baby wipes. I think I’ll keep a stash of wipes in every corner until my girls are… What, 25? Yes, that seems a reasonable age.

Nappies. Going out for an hour? Pack enough nappies for a day. Have a couple stashed in every bag, in your glove box, every room of the house. Be generous! Give them to friends and family so you can always change a botty no matter where you are!

Small cardboard books. Great for the car, not easily damaged (though nothing is impossible with a determined toddler) and mess-free.

Calpol (or other generic paracetamol brand); kids can go from TOTALLY FINE to boiling hot and cranky in approximately 0.8 seconds. Always be prepared.

Spare clothes. I’m usually not organised enough to pack entire outfits (plus, that one’s too cute to just live in the boot of the car as a Maybe. What if it’s never used and they grow out of it??) but a couple of pairs of leggings (oh, leggings, I love you) means I can at least bag up the pooey pair they’ve just ruined and retain their modesty (lol).

Talking of bagging up: carrier bags. You’ll need one for messy clothes, muddy wellies, snotty tissues… Again, be prepared.

Money. Just a couple of quid so that if I need to purchase any of the above emergency items and I forgot my purse AGAIN, I don’t need to completely panic.

There you have it. My list of essentials that may be completely inadequate but it’s lasted me nearly 2 years with twins. Not bad eh?


3 thoughts on “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst [poonamis etc]

  1. This is all great advice! Everybody laughs at my enormous bag but my theory is if he poos multiple times and throws up I am going to need lots of nappies and a few changes of clothes and a few muslins. It just makes sense to be prepared!! #coolmumclub


  2. This is wonderful! Kids are completely unpredictable, and it’s such a great idea to be ready for, well, anything.
    I’m still trying to get my packing down, I find myself frantically running around the house like a mad woman when it’s time to go somewhere haha! #coolmumclub


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