Watching them grow, learn and explore

As I type this, my twin girls are exploring the wonders of our little garden and it’s amazing to watch. To them, this garden isn’t little; it’s a jungle, a forest, a wild adventure!

I remember those days. The days before bills and responsibilities. The age of innocence when the world centred around me and lifting up a rock to discover the creepy crawlies underneath could keep me entertained for hours! You lose that sense of wonder as you grow old and grumpy but having children has awakened something in me that had lain dormant for a while: a sense of fun and curiosity. What’s under there? What’s behind here? How can I climb up there? What if…?

It’s all about creating memories. I want my girls to look back and remember a happy childhood, where they were encouraged to learn and explore.

This is the first time since they were born that I’ve been able to sit in the garden and simply watch the world go by. They’ve grown out of the phase where they put everything in sight in their mouths (gone are my fears of them choking to death on a pebble) and have grown into the phase where everything – including me – is endlessly fascinating. It’s a sunny (albeit cold) day and we’ve been out here for ages, with no sign of them getting bored. Those days will come I know but for now, I’m enjoying watching them explore their world. And it feels really nice.


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