I’m not the perfect Mama

I constantly wish I was a better Mama to my twins. 50 years ago, I reckon moms just rolled their sleeves up and got on with it, but these days, we are bombarded with books, articles and TV shows telling us just how much we’re getting it wrong, what the consequences are, and how we should be doing it better.

And none of them agree of course. So we’re screwed because we can’t possibly listen to all of them (or, God forbid, use our own instincts/common sense) because they contradict one another. And I’m still waiting to read the piece of advice that is tailored exactly to the needs of my kids. Which of course would need to be two pieces in my case.

“You should be down on the floor (screw your knees!) playing with your child at their level (and screw your sanity!)”

“Your child should be using a cup rather than a bottle (screw your carpet!)”

“You should read to your kids (screw the fact that they’re CLEARLY not listening) and you should read WITH them (screw the fact that they shove you out of the way because they are fiercely independent; they don’t know what’s good for them!)”

“You should be encouraging your children to be independent (screw your feelings!)”

“You should be constantly cuddling your babies and making them feel secure (screw your housework!)”

“You should play outside with your kids (screw the weather!)”

“You should be careful where your child plays (screw their freedom and sense of adventure!)”

“You shouldn’t let them watch too much TV (screw their love of CBeebies!)”

“You should avoid technology (screw the modern world!)”

“You should get them an iPad (screw your old skool sensibilities!)”

“You should…”

“You shouldn’t…”

Screw all of it. I’m doing the best I can.


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