Shush! Mama’s watching The Lion King!

I have zero memories of my mom – an adult looking after me – sitting down and watching something she liked when she was a kid. Or listening to something from her childhood. Or reminiscing about her childhood toys. So is it weird that I do those things – in front of my children – and intend to continue doing so as they grow up??

Today I found myself listening to Now That’s What I Call Disney on Spotify whilst doing the ironing, and the twins were in the other room. I ignored them and they ignored me. Don’t worry; this isn’t a post about neglect (the Hubs was watching the girls) but it is about the fact that I still love the things that remind me of my childhood and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be openly loving those things when I’m a grandma!

I’m in my 30s and one of my all-time favourite films is The Lion King.

Of course, I tell myself that we can all sit and watch Disney films together when the girls are old enough but the truth is I’d watch them regardless. The twins may not even LIKE Disney films! (Who am I kidding? It’s DISNEY, and therefore inherently awesome – even though we all know about the questionable political beginnings)

I guess we all have a little Peter Pan in us, because growing up sucks!


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