Kids sometimes suck (news flash)

I remember reading that all toddlers go through a clingy phase where they hate to see you leave. I also remember dismissing it as nonsense that would never apply to my twins because:

a) They’ve always been confident around my friends, family and often even strangers; and

b) They’ve always been fiercely independent and not over-cuddly (to my dismay – cuddle me! CUDDLE ME BUBS, DAMMIT!)

Aren’t we funny, we parents, when we convince ourselves we know best?! Yup, here it is: the clingy phase. And you know what? There are times when it’s very irritating. Here are 5 examples of when my two lil’ octopuses are seriously annoying:

  1. When I need to go to the bathroom
  2. When I drop them off with the grandparents and they cry like I’ve given them up for adoption
  3. When they are inconsolable because I have to put them down else my back will break
  4. When they bury their faces into my neck instead of performing the awesome trick they did a hundred times earlier that day (I’m telling you, she said, “Mama!” She DID!)
  5. When they both want my undivided attention at the same time (literally impossible) and therefore start fighting with each other

Now, I know how annoying it can be when parents moan about their kids on social media. But if it irritates you, then I have news for you: we do it to vent (because of the hard times) and we do it for comic effect (because we want to do our small bit to brighten someone’s day… And because we want the attention #jokingnotjoking). We DON’T do it because we hate being parents, or because we’re ungrateful for the miracle that is having children. I LOVE being a mommy. It is the single best decision I ever made (albeit the whole twins thing came as a shock!). But there are times when small irritations build up into one big need to vent!

In the interests of balance, however, here are 5 examples of how clingy twins are totally awesome:

  1. I can have cuddles on demand (x2)
  2. I feel very, very loved
  3. I can feel like the most important person in the room
  4. When they’re tired, I can rock them to sleep (which is something I haven’t been able to do since they were teeny-tiny)
  5. It’s a great excuse to avoid housework!

Every stage of parenting has its challenges and its highlights. I believe that the highlights ALWAYS outweigh the challenges and that it’s all worth it. If I achieve nothing more in this life than having raised those two amazing girls, then I’ll have achieved all I ever need to. God, I love ’em!


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