For the love of GOD will you please stop crying??!

I’m about to win the Obvious Parenting Statement of the Year Award but here it is: the sound of a baby/toddler/child crying is one of the most nerve-shredding sounds in the world. More specifically, the sound of your OWN child incessantly crying is not only madness-inducing but it pulls on your maternal instinct in a way that is mentally and physically exhausting.

One of the most frustrating things – for baby and for mom/dad – is the inability of baby to communicate, leading to mom/dad completely misdiagnosing the problem and thus making it a million times worse.

Take tonight. It’s 10pm and Twin 2 is running around our living room like it’s the middle of the day. This is the end result of the Hubs and I being unable to work out why T2 was crying (or screaming to the point of puking) for the 2 hours prior to this point, resulting in the waking of T1 and general mayhem.

All parents have multiple examples of this frustration; I’m just lucky that this one is at 10pm tonight and not 3am tomorrow morning… Oh God, I’ve said it now…

Pass the wine please…


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