Why one night is enough

One of the things we parents do to get us through the tough times is we joke about it. We make (hopefully) witty little jibes on our social media about how parenting means this or that (#insertwordhere) and if you amalgamated everything we said and put it in a book you could probably title the book, “Why Children are A**holes and you should never have them.”

It is part of human nature to see the glass as half empty. It’s the same reason we’re more likely to leave a negative review about a bad meal in a restaurant (always after the event of course, via the internet, because being honest face-to-face is too scary!) than we are to leave a positive review about a good one.

So let me be very positive here and say that I LOVE being a mom. I don’t love it every second of every single day, but whilst there are times when I cry with frustration/anger/lack of sleep there are MANY more times when I am filled with joy, pride, wonder and fierce love.

Much of being a parent of young twins involves logistics. Getting from A to B is tricky at best and anyone expecting me to be on time for anything is quite frankly an idiot. In those times I miss the freedom of my pre-kid days (and yes, I feel jealous of parents with just one baby) and so when the twins stayed at their nan’s house last night, the Hubs and I were able to enjoy a rare night out at the cinema. It was brilliant. I literally felt lighter as I didn’t have a toddler swinging from my neck, holding onto my leg or screaming in my ear.

But then we arrived home from the cinema to an empty house. We deliberately spoke louder and drank wine at 11 pm (just because) but then I felt an emptiness when I couldn’t pop my head in to the nursery before bed to check on the girls. I sometimes have to work late and on those nights where I miss their bedtime I am comforted by the fact that I’ll still be able to check in on them before I go to bed. But not last night.

So I went to bed and slept soundly, utilising the chance for a Sunday lie-in until whatever-time-I-want and now I’m lying here awake (the Hubs is snoring) missing my girls and feeling like the house is too quiet. I can only imagine how it’s going to feel when they grow up, fly the nest and I suffer a major case of empty nest syndrome!

So, thank you Nanny, but one night was enough. I can’t wait for a cuddle!


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