10 hilarious reasons my kids have cried

One of the things you quickly learn as a parent is that not every blood-curdling scream means the end of the world (although of course, it might as well be for the grief that kid will give you if you don’t drop whatever you’re doing and run to them like the good little slave you are!).

I am forever amazed at the curiosity of toddlers. Their sense of wonder is a daily reminder of how unenthusiastic I am about most things. Their curiosity often gets them into trouble however, particularly when I have the audacity to go to the toilet (or something equally selfish and unnecessary).

Here are 10 very amusing scenarios I’ve been faced with when running in to see what the fuss is all about:

  1. She’s got her chubby leg stuck in between the bars of her cot/prison for the 50th time.
  2. She’s got her arm wedged between the prison and the bedroom wall (again, for the 50th time).
  3. She couldn’t get the lid off her cup.
  4. She got herself trapped in the curtain playing hide-and-seek with her sister.
  5. She couldn’t climb onto the sofa.
  6. She couldn’t get down from the sofa.
  7. She fell off the sofa (ok, this one was only funny once I knew she wasn’t mortally injured – once again, for the 50th time).
  8. Her sister stole her toy (man up, kid!).
  9. Her sister wouldn’t let her steal her toy (you really do need to toughen up).
  10. She’d squeezed herself between the dining chair and table and couldn’t unsqueeze herself out.

The laughter that bursts out of me with each discovery is a response to the constant Mom Paranoia that something terrible is going to happen. But I’m determined not to quell that sense of wonder, the urge for adventure, and the endless enthusiasm that makes them so gosh darned awesome. Even if that does mean a scraped knee, a bruised ego, or a crazy trip down the rabbit hole.


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